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About Us

Erie Hospitality Consulting exists to provide tools and insights which will help potential restauranteurs and hospitality professionals alike by leveraging our decades of industry experience. We also like to branch out to the “not in the industry” crowd with fun content in our “Chef Tools” features to peek behind the curtain of the hospitality and restaurant industry.

We offer solutions for industry professionals in various areas including financial knowledge and analysis, human resources, leadership development, industry technology solutions, merchant card accounts designed specifically for our industry, inventory control, training, accounting, marketing, menu development and so much more. Many of our products are downloadable and available to round out the edges of your business experience. Some of our solutions are self-guided, others will require working with one of our industry experts to help you be more profitable and run a more efficient operation. The restaurant business is a business…run yours like one.

Menu Development

Menu Development

We can help you create an effective menu, craft beer program, cocktails or whatever else you may want to sell to make your operation more profitable. We provide training, competitive analysis, regional selections and other profit-growing utilities. Reach out now to us now.

iPad Point of Sale POS System


We have solutions to help you manage your inventory, employees, Cost of Goods, and much more. Technology should be customized to the way YOU work, not the other way around. Our experience in the industry will help you simplify your operation whether it be Fine Dining, a Pizza Shop or even a Gas Station with Food Operations. We’ve worked with them all – now we’d like to work with you.

Merchant Processing Accept Credit Cards and Gift cards

Accept Card Payments

Are you currently “Cash Only” or stuck in an unfavorable Merchant Service contract? Do you want to eliminate credit card fees from your operation’s bottom line? We can help!

consulting business profitability

Business 101 and Consulting

We fill in the knowledge gaps every entrepreneur has. Hospitality Consulting is an intimate, honest conversation and has to be with people you can trust. Do you know a lot about the kitchen, but not Front of the House? Need help marketing or with Profit and Loss statements? Need help with technology? Let us fill in the blanks so you can be more profitable.

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