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About Us and Our Journey So Far

Erie Hospitality Consulting exists to provide tools and insights which will help potential restauranteurs and hospitality professionals alike by leveraging our decades of industry experience. We also like to branch out to the “not in the industry” crowd with fun content in our “Chef Tools” features to peek behind the curtain of the hospitality and restaurant industry.

Launched in 2018, our company began the journey to help independent restaurants throughout our local area. This led to opportunities with not only restaurants, but hotels, retailers, online business and more who benefitted from our team’s varied experience. With COVID shutting the world down in 2020, we’ve focused more on digital products, merchant services and more to help independents have the same resources as the “big guys.” We’ve relaunched in 2024 with a new found vigor for helping you write YOUR success story as an entrepreneur.

We offer solutions for industry professionals in various areas including financial knowledge and analysis, human resources, leadership development, industry technology solutions, merchant card accounts designed specifically for your industry, inventory control, training, accounting, marketing, menu development and so much more. Many of our products are downloadable and available to round out the edges of your business experience. Some of our solutions are self-guided, others will require working with one of our industry experts to help you be more profitable and run a more efficient operation.
The restaurant business is a business…run yours like one.

Why should you choose Erie Hospitality?

Years of Restaurant, Technology,
Hotel and Kitchen Experience
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


Lean on our experience to increase your knowledge and profitability

Business Consulting

Our staff will use the decades of experience at our disposal as well as new techniques to help your operation be more profitable. We have self-guided options or fully interactive solutions with our consultants.

Need to revamp your menu or control food cost?

Do you need to increase profit?

Does your restaurant need a new concept with logo and/or ghost kitchen?

How about a new craft beer program or wine list with staff training?

Marketing and Web Design

student, woman, startup-849821.jpg

We can build and host your business website and help you market to your ideal customer through social media and SEO optimization


Being able to take credit cards, bank cards, gift cards and more can add a significant impact to your bottom line. Restaurants who take credit cards vs all-cash operations see as much as a 30% increase in sales. Credit card acceptance also adds legitimacy to your business. We have the ability for you to take cards on your website, in person, on a wireless device and more.

We beat 95% of competitive processor’s rates provided to us and will provide you a line by line analysis showing you how.

Our team is made from restaurant veterans serving the industry we love. We don’t do hidden fees or complicated statements. Reach out to us on our contact form and provide 2-3 months of your statements and we’ll provide a personal analysis for you to show your monthly savings.

Or, don’t pay credit card fees ever again!* (Ask us how)

Shift4 Merchant Link Acquisition


Check back often and subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest trends and ideas shaping our industry. We often feature articles about culinary topics, bar trends, equipment, technology, marketing and more. The relaunch of our website and addition of partners will allow us to bring you fun content from across the entire spectrum.


Ipad POS System

We can help you service and reprogram your old Point-of-Sale system, or we can provide you with a brand-new version with hardware and software which takes advantage of all the modern tools. From Marketing, Gift Cards, Delivery Tracking to Online Ordering, we have solutions customized to your operation. Coffee shop or multi-concept property…we’ve got you covered.

Are you NOT an industry professional?

That is perfectly OK. Welcome! Feel free to browse our various articles like our “Chef’s Toolbox” series which is meant for all levels of foodie. Click on the button to the right and take a look at our latest articles, recipes and food industry trends.

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